My name is Joan Buxó, even though I work as an electric maintenance technician, I am very fond of photography. My interest in photography started in 1967 when a camera was given to me as a gift to take pictures in the tippicall siuations: holidays, Christmas…

But it was not unitl 1978 when photography took part in my leisure activities. It was then when I became a member of AFOCER (Agrupació Foto Cine Cerdanyola Ripollet). In 1994 I became a member of the Catalan Federation of Photography and two years later, in 1996, I became a memeber of the FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE.

In 1998 I developed the reproduction of J. M. Brull i Pagès sculpture works for the edition of his book “1907-1995 vers la síntesi”. During that year, AFOCER awarded me with “EX AFOCER”.

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collection: 10 days in China

I'm very lucky because I could stay again in China. During the trip I have stayed in three diferent cities: BEIJING, PINYAO and MONGLOLIA. These three cities are fantastic. There are a lot of historical monuments and in each place you could find their culture.



collection: New York

The most famous city of the world, the most multi-ethnic and the most mitified one! A city that attracts not only tourist seduced by Times Square and the Chrisler bulding… but also people pursuing a better life.

collection: Gaudí

As the artist one day said “the beauty is the brightness of the truth, and the brightness seduces everybody; for that reason art is universal”. Or with other authors’ words “Gaudi’s work is anarqui subordinated to rigour, craziness subordinated to ratinality, avant-garde subordinated to tradition (…) and vice versa”. Óscar Tusquets (Architec).

collection: assaig anatòmic

I have different exhibitions of trips, urban landscapes, portraits… but I had not done any exhibition of 50 photos of the same person in a studio yet. I had in mind different motivations, but I decided, in the end, to deal with the human body, concretely with man’s body. The collection consists of 50 black and white photos made in photographic barited paper, with a vertical image surface of 40x50 cm. It can be presented in 40x50cm frames or 50x60cm frames if it is with cardboard.

collection: moda xinesa

These photos were taken in Beijin. The 35 works represent a fashion show of “typical Chinese costumes”, which surprised me because of their colours and textures and, obiously, because of its originality and unusality. They are digital pictures made with a NIKON D70, lens 28-70 and with flax METZ, digitally treated. Framed with black cardboard of 40x50 mm and vertically.

collection: La vida quotidiana del Tibet

The thing of my stay in the Tibet that impressed me more was their people, their way of life, their costumes, their traditions, their villages, their towns, their mountains… everything that belongs to a culture that is not mine. At a high altitude of 5300m where the atmospheric pressure sometimes makes things more difficult, nature gives birth to the human being. This photos were taken with only on purpose, reflect “the Daily Tibetan Life”.

collection: Timanfaya

The Timanfaya Natural Parc with 200 km2 area covered by all kinds of volcanic remains presents an apocaliptic vision. We are in an unusual landsacape created by the fury of more than 300 volcanos which expel fire over the ocean. It is one of the biggest Spanish Natural Parcs and volcanic area of the Canari Islands which has been declared in 1993 Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.


Collection: La gran muralla

The wall is extremely long, with 7,300 Km from east to west, from the passage of Shanghai, near Bohai (Gulf of Zhili) until the passage of Jiayu (in the current Gansu Province). Not countingits ramifications and secondary covers constructions 6,400 Km of the border with core Yalu River on the desrt hat Gabi, across seven provinces.


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